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danny green's coward's punch

Sickened by a string of fatal one punch attacks around the country, Danny Green decided enough was enough. Working with a local film company, Danny funded the production of three hard-hitting educational television advertisements highlighting the effects of violence on the victim, the perpetrator and their families - creating Danny Green's Coward's Punch Campaign.

The advertisements gained huge national momentum after appearing on TV shows such as The Morning Show, Sunrise and The Project which then saw the NSW Government joining the campaign by approaching the television networks to run Danny’s advertisements as Community Service Announcements (CSAs).  This had a snow-ball effect with the TV Ads going national on all state and regional stations and saw Danny Green producing radio advertisements which also aired nationally.  After lobbying the Federal Government, funding was then provided to produce additional television CSAs along with a donation from the Queensland government which was used for outdoor advertising.

The outdoor advertising for Danny Green's Coward's Punch Campaign on billboards, backs of taxis, trams and trains and well as digital billboards in licensed venues around the country have also helped increase the huge national coverage that the Campaign has already received.

Since confronting the Australian public on the screen, Danny Green has been at the forefront of this movement to reduce the number of lives senselessly taken.  He has been the “go to” spokesman for the media when another life is lost in this shocking and needless manner, pleading with the demographic most likely to cause these incidents, appealing for change.

The Campaign has been responsible for creating the name “coward’s punch” and ensuring senseless acts of violence on an unsuspecting victim are no longer referred to as a “king” hit by the perpetrator but instead by the derogatory term of a “coward’s punch”.

All Danny’s time and travel expenses related to the Campaign have been donated by Danny.





danny green's coward's punch

Campaign Founder:  Four-time World Champion boxer, Danny Green.

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